Life Lessons From Bhagavad Gita

Bhagwad Gita

The Bhagavad Gita is one of the greatest spiritual books containing 18 chapters and 701 verses in Sanskrit which is part of the Hindu epic Mahabharata. It is an incomparable book, which has answers to almost all the problems that a person can face in his life.

The book inspired many great leaders, saints, philosophers, and common people. Even people like Mahatma Gandhi and Albert Einstein learned from this and imbibed those rules in their lives. It shows the path of knowledge to all those who have wandered off the road. It encourages us to do our duties.

Here are some of my favorite life lessons from Bhagavad-gītā that can help you develop the necessary qualities and discipline. And these are my favorite lessons too.

Anger makes humans hollow

At some point in life, all of us in anger must have said good or bad to someone, or else we might have broken something or stuff. So what is this anger, which makes us do what we all do not want to do?

According to the Gita, anger is the emotion that slowly makes a human hollow inside. Just as the termite on wood makes that strong wood weak and weak, similarly, the angry person dominates the mental senses and starts hollowing it out. 

A person under the influence of anger cares for neither relationship nor respect. He feels fearless and unperturbed, considers himself higher than others. An angry person loses control of himself and begins to behave aggressively violent.

Frustration and failure are the only results taken by angry decisions and actions.

Gradually, anger engages in human nature and makes it hollow and inferior to spirit, so the only way to achieve success and happiness is humility and love and not anger.

Never let anger dominate you in life. Try to keep yourself calm when angry. Doing this will not only reduce your anger but will also strengthen your self-control.

Man is an effigy of his thinking

What makes the great personalities around the world different and greatness in their thinking.

We all have the same body in this world, we have all come to this world in the same way and will go away from this world in the same way, but the thinking of human beings is something that makes them different among millions. And makes them unique.

Our thinking is our only weapon, with the use of which we can touch the highs, we can fight the troubles and do something big and important for the world.

Our thinking is like wet clay which we shape according to our behavior. Just as a potter gives shape to his pot. The way in which we put our thinking will be our behavior.

Negative thinking people often judge everything with negative eyesight, due to which they never see the goodness and positivity hidden in things. Such people are always in despair and confusion.

On the other hand, people with positive thinking always meet their goals by fighting challenges and never give up in life. Clarity, consistency, and completeness are symbols of human thinking.

We should always keep in mind that we will be what we think. That is why we should always have stable and positive thinking because we do not need any wealth to change the world, but we need different thinking, a revolutionary thought to do it.

Success and failure are only our thinking, if we do not give up on ourselves, we will never be defeated.

Learn from troubles

Many times in life we ​​feel lost and disappointed. At such a time, our mind gets immersed in the ocean of sorrow. On the other hand, when we achieve something, our mind swings with happiness, but sometimes you all have thought that ……

Losing and winning is only our point of view of things if at the time of defeat we remember the hidden lesson, then we can also convert that defeat into victory.

The secret of fighting and conquering it is hidden in every difficulty and trouble of life. Every trouble and difficulty is an opportunity in itself… to recognize your mistakes and learn from them.

Every time a person in life is not able to do everything right due to which he faces troubles. In such a situation, it is better to recognize the root of the problem than to give up by drowning in despair. Consider the mistakes that caused the situation to get out of control. By doing this, a person learns to test his shortcomings and takes a lesson from them and moves towards a better tomorrow and a better life.

Therefore, at every stage of life, it should be remembered that the troubles of life are an opportunity to change oneself and learn better. Do not be afraid of them but should learn from them and become a better person.

Humans have come into this world empty-handed and will leave empty-handed

Nothing in this world is yours or mine. The entire universe and whatever is in between is omnipotent. We are so attached to material things that we do not even understand that all these things will remain here.

When we die we do not take them with us. Therefore, there is no need to do bad things for them. We should be satisfied with what we have because we are not taking anything with us.

Good behavior is a consideration by itself

Suppose you work hard day and night for the exam, yet good marks do not come. What would you do? Will you try again next time or sit back and stop working.

If the expectations are not met, then people start complaining. One of the wisest messages given to us by the Gita is do karma, do not worry about the results.

Nowadays, we are motivated so much because we only think about the results. What we do not understand is that the results are not in our hands and cannot be controlled.

Concern for results only affects our performance which in turn can lead to negative results.

Souls are indestructible

The soul is neither born nor dies. It is a composite essence of a living being. A fearless soul has nothing to worry about, which is why the fear of death is absurd.

If your body is getting old, do not worry, because one day everyone has to die. Therefore, do not pay attention to your outer body and stay in the present.

Work for your inner soul and its satisfaction. Do what your heart says and be happy.

Change is the law of the universe

Nothing is permanent. Even a rich person can get trapped in poverty. Never expect that what you have today will be forever.

People, surroundings, society, they all change over time. All these ideas of yours, mine, rich and poor, big and small are a sign of immaturity.

Learn to accept change in your life. This can help you to face any difficult situation.

Everything happens for a reason.

Whatever happens, it happens with good reason. Whatever is happening, it is happening for good. Whatever will happen, it will also be for good. There is a reason if you are facing bad times and there is a reason if you have a basis for a good future.

Do not repent of the past or worry about the future. If things are not favorable, do not worry, just be optimistic and believe that God has planned everything for us. He did not let anything bad happen to us.

These were some of the teachings of Bhagavad Gita. Whenever you face any problem in your life and cannot find a solution or feel stress, then read it deeply. You will definitely find a solution there. It will fully answer all spiritual questions and will simultaneously illuminate all spiritual directions.

Life Lessons From Bhagavad Gita

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