Best Marketing Strategy Using By Company

Best Marketing Strategy Using By Company

Marketing strategies, there are as many as ideas can be generated, and we know that there are hundreds of tools available in Social Media and thousands of ways to use them, but by summarizing everything we conclude that large companies use mainly 5 strategies in Social Media to increase their sales and obtain a return on investment in both qualitative and quantitative terms.

For this we will have to define more complex metrics, we’re not talking about simply staying in the number of fans, comments (although they are important data and must also be measured)… but we must go further and define real metrics such as leads generated, conversion to clients and income produced.

We will see one by one each of the strategies with examples, which you can analyze and assess how to apply them to your business.

Strategy 1: Brand Image

Brand Image

One of the main strategies in Social Media is to improve the brand image and notoriety of a company, and for this, a very good option is to make viral videos that are distributed on platforms such as YouTube, but we should not only stay in the brand image but that we have to see how to take advantage of all the pull that a viral video produces to generate sales.

As an example, I am going to take a campaign that Toyota carried out to promote one of its models in a miniseries way, creating with the person or organization channel that got more than 8 million subscribers with their videos on YouTube and managed to get the audience. The audience watches them and shares ahead through their social networks which results in helping Toyota to reinforce its brand image, in short, attracting the audience to their brand with their new car model.

Strategy 2: Online Sales

Online Sales

If your company sells products online, one of your goals will be to get users to reach to your products page and buy them, but how do you do it?

The computer company Dell, which uses its Twitter channel with more than 1.5 million followers, can very well answer this question to spread offers and promotions on its products with good profitability.

If we carry out this improvised marketing strategy by analyzing the ROI of Dell, we can conclude that if they have 1.5 million followers, and for each tweet they send, they see a little more than 3% of followers, of which 1% click on the link to have more information about the offer, and of that 10% decide to buy it, the result is that for each promotional tweet they generate 50 sales that, on average, $ 500 per computer becomes $ 25,000 return on investment per every promotional tweet that Dell releases. Do you find it profitable?

Strategy 3: Market Studies

Market Studies

Another potential of social media is its ability to use it as a market research tool, where we can learn valuable data for our business.

One of the best examples is the one carried out by the Starbucks company with its website, where they decided to create a web platform so that users could leave their ideas to improve Starbucks. The result was noteworthy, as users not only left thousands of ideas but also voted for the ones they liked the most and left their opinions which attracts upcoming customers.

Strategy 4: Customer loyalty

Everyone knows that it costs more to get a new customer than to retain a current one, and based on this some companies have decided to use social networks as a loyalty tool, and one of the best examples is Comcast’s social media strategy, a company that had a very bad brand image and decided to implement a customer service system using various channels on Twitter where a real team of people are exclusively dedicated to supporting customers and resolving complaints into new business opportunities.

The results after 12 months are visible, today they already have more than 45,000 followers on Twitter, and this strategy is helping them to convert their customers into potential sellers of their brand.

 Strategy 5: Capture Leads

Capture Leads

The generation of databases of potential customers is one of the most profitable business tactics in the long term since it allows us to open a communication channel of promotions with people interested in our product, by being able to send direct and personal campaigns through email marketing, so social media and lead generation might be the best marketing strategy.

To capture leads we can use different tools, and for this reason, we must create a strategy where we take advantage of the full potential of the Internet by landing on our website, YouTube videos, ebook downloads, blogs… in such a way that little by little we are generating a powerful qualified database that will help us convert into sales.


These are the 5 strategies in Social Networks most used by large companies and which have also demonstrated their effectiveness, so it is time to see how we can apply all these strategies to our company so that, like the great ones, we get Social Networks to help increase our sales.

Remember that creating a Social Media strategy must be the first step before anything else, otherwise, you will go aimlessly and you will not get results. Day by day the business world of social networks is more complex and competitive, so look at these 5 company strategies and others that you find and get inspired by them to achieve greater profitability from your digital presence.

Now we will leave you with this post so that you can read it again and implement those strategies that successful companies use on their social networks. With these marketing strategies, you can start setting goals and counting results.

Best Marketing Strategy Using By Company

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