Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

Have you ever thought you could make money by referring people to Flipkart or Amazon or Any other E-commerce Company?

Hello Friends! Here I am going to show you step by step How you can make money using Affiliate Marketing. We are really gonna go in-depth in affiliate marketing to show you everything that you need to know when it comes to making money as an affiliate marketer. this is a very very fun opportunity and I’m very excited that you landed on this blog. So let’s jump into this now

So first of all, we’re gonna talk about exactly what it is Affiliate Marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people’s (or company’s) products. You find a product you like, promote it to others and earn a piece of the profit for each sale that you make.Neil Patel

In Simple, Affiliate Marketing is a process of earning a commission by selling a product.

This is a strategy that the company uses to increases its Sales.

How does Affiliate Marketing Work?

This diagram is showing of How affiliate marketing works..

For example, Mr.A becomes an Affiliate for Amazon And He brings a Mr.B  to their site Now if that person (Mr.B) makes a purchase then Mr. A will get a commission from Amazon. This is called Affiliate Marketing.

Why Affiliate Marketing?

I love affiliate marketing and the reason why I think it is the best opportunity to get started with as a business is because it’s totally free to start,  you don’t have to have money to buy products and then sell products. I see a lot of people who want to start a business or they want to start generating money and they think that they need to have money to make money now the truth be told it is easier to make money when you already have money but with the affiliate marketing, you really don’t have to have anything.

In Beginning, I would suggest you join Amazon’s affiliate network because  Amazon is a known brand in the world. People’s trust will also remain in Amazon in which helps to conversion easily and it is very easy to join.

Now I’m gonna show you how to join Amazon’s affiliate network if you’re a beginner there a step by step way for you to go from zero to hero.

Step 1: Go to and Select your country

Its a home page of

Step 2: Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on “Become an Affiliate”

Bottom Page of Amazon home

Step 3: Complete the Signup process

Sign Up Page

Once you Sign up,  You willl get an Affiliate link. You need to promote this link So that you get paid when people buy from it.

This is How it Works –  A person visits your site and clicks on your Affiliate link. This will take him to Amazon Once he buys the product & you will get the commission.

To showing Amazon Affiliate link

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Now, we’re gonna talk about some strategies and some of my best pointers for how to get higher conversion rates and how to just essentially make more money with this process.

8 Smart Affiliate Marketing Strategies for Beginners

1. Copywriting

Copywriting 4 important element AIDA

Copywriting is a rearranging word to make things Sounds better. So if you want more traffic, more leads and more sales just by rearranging a couple of words.

A.I.D.A is a powerful copywriting formula that works for Sales Page, blog posts, Emails Newsletters, Sales Videos Scripts, Facebook Ads, Googles Ads, & more. This one copywriting formula will help you write all of your copy faster and help you get results.

AIDA stands for Attention, Interest, Desire & Action. AIDA is designed to grab people’s attention and take them through your content to the point that they take action on what they have read.

So lets take a look at the four Parts to the AIDA formula in details


The first part of AIDA is Attention.

If you want people to take action on what you have read you first have to get attention & you are going to get their attention with the headline or the subject line. Because the reader is gonna be asking what’s in it for me. Why should I invest my time reading on and if they don’t open the email or click on the video or click on the blog posts then they’re never going to buy or subscribe or whatever action you want them to do.

The maximum user is attracted by Image. If you creating attractive Image so it’s good starting for the blog and its helps to convince easily.


The second Part of AIDA is Interest.

Once you have their attention, you have to keep their interest and if you don’t hold their interest in the first paragraph then you have lost them. Using media, such as images and videos, can help capture and maintain interest. For example, You can make high-class videos about product or services which helps to user to get practical information and the interest become more.


 The third part of AIDA is Desire.

 At this stage, people want the product or service you offer and what you want to do now is engaged them so that they really want what you are offering.

Ways to create desire:

  • Product Benefits
  • “one time only” or “last chance” offers
  • discounts or sales
  • How products solves their problems
  • create scarcity with countdown timers


Final Part of the AIDA is Action.

In this stage when the user becomes a consumer by immediately downloading material, joining a mailing list, buying your product, or any other active participation with your brand.

Make sure that the customer should not have any difficulty in the purchase Proces. If they face difficulty then you could lose them.

2. Content Marketing

Content marketing is a strategy of marketing that concentrates on making, developing, and distributing content to attract a person to push them toward purchase.

 When we say to promote a product on a blog by writing a post or if we say to drive traffic to a website to promote a product for a commission, it is content marketing.

Simplified: Content marketing is about driving targeted traffic that drives sales through powerful content creation.

Top 5 Content Marketing Strategies that will help you in 2020:

Target Audience

 if you are planning to connect with your target audience via your content marketing strategies in 2020, you have to start making and publishing videos.

Online Platforms like YouTube, extremely popular in the words in terms of Video. Even you can publish your video on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter & your own Websites. According to HubSpot, 54% of the consumers wish to see a lot more video content from the businesses or brands that they prefer.

Know when and where to post

You can write the best blog post of your life, but if it is posted on a site or social media platform your audience doesn’t use or at a time when most of your audience is offline, it will likely disappear into the noise and information of the Internet.

Quality Content

Quality is always above quantity, and the same holds true for content. Your content should be informative, precise, and relevant. Don’t just stuff your content with keywords and hope for visibility.

Experiment with Content Format

A great piece of content does not only have to be in the form of lengthy blog-posts. To drive maximum engagement, experiment with other formats like infographics, videos, case studies, and social media posts and see how is it received by your audience.

3. Make money from CPA programs

How CPA Works

CPA marketing is a means to monetize your website. CPA stands for “Cost Per Action” as well as the principle is extremely basic: you add advertising links or banners to your site as well as when one of your internet site visitors clicks among the adverts and also completes the preferred action, you earn money a pre-agreed quantity of money. Now, I will tell you about some promotional methods...

1. Create a Facebook page about your offer. Make a post with your offer link. Facebook does not allow affiliate links and can delete your post so I suggest you frame it. Ask people to like and share your post. You have two options, you can boost your post or you can do it in power editors like set bidding and all. Run your ad, optimize it, and scale it.

Instagram can also help you. You can automate your account with Instagram. com. This is a very good and effective method if done correctly.

Youtube, Quora, Pinterest helps to promote your Websites & gain Income.

4. Email Marketing ( of Affiliate Products)

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the hidden strategies to generate direct affiliate sales faster than any means. Since the beginning of online communication, email has been a sustainable source for connecting with customers and readers.

Today, however, list building is helping many bloggers and online marketers generate thousands of sales with minimal effort for a long time. The first step in email marketing is setting up an email marketing service.

In the next stage, you will have to collect as many emails as possible by using some plugins and lead generation tools. This will help you convert your visitors into potential customers.

Email marketing to promote affiliate products – A great way to earn income through affiliate marketing is to set up automatic emails that work on autopilot and give you more time to focus on additional campaigns that will generate more income and profit for you. You can also add a signature affiliate link to your emails for a product you use regularly and would love to recommend it to your subscribers as well.

Email marketing must be done efficiently. Even if you are starting a blog and don’t have money to spend, you can still use Mail Chimp to collect emails from your visitor. This will help you create a long list of leads in no time.

5. Landing


Landing pages need to be healed. When a visitor first comes to your website and finds your content interesting, the visitor is likely to explore more about you by going to your home page.

If your landing pages only look pale and plain, you will eventually lose sales. To make the most of your landing pages, turn them into a lead capture page or turn them into a visitor funnel.

Read this guide to find your top landing pages, then get the Elementor or LeadPages landing page builder. By using LeadPages, you can create high conversion landing pages with a drag and drop generator.

You can also configure a funnel system through these pages. Imagine a visitor entering your landing page. the visitor scrolls down a bit and finds a beautiful and interactive demo of how he uses Convert kit for email marketing. This visitor will click the button to learn more about how that helped you.

Don’t sell the product directly, create content that shows and shows the useful side, and make the visitor fall in love.

6. Social review

Social review

Focus on your memory and try to remember this. You visited a blog or website that has software, e-book, or any kind of product to sell. You were browsing the website and suddenly you see a small Fomo bar.

You can use the WPfomify WordPress plugin to add the same FOMO bars on your blog to promote your product reviews and increase your income as an affiliate. Read the WP Fomify review and learn how to use it.

7. Marketing the scarcity of affiliate products

Marketing the scarcity of affiliate products

The very effective and high-converting type of promotion is scarcity marketing. While browsing some websites, we go through some promotions that are offered to us for a limited time.

Sometimes these websites can show us that a product has limited stock that will be ending soon.

This is how scarcity marketing works. You can also start promoting some affiliate products using scarcity marketing.

An awesome WordPress is a Thrive ultimatum for themes that work well to promote limited offers on WordPress websites. Discover Thrive Ultimatum.

That means that without prior planning, you would lose a lot of opportunities that could be profitable for your business.

If you’re getting started with affiliate marketing, be sure to use landing pages and banners from the start. This will give you at least the opportunity to convert visitors.

8. Webinars Based Affiliate Marketing

Don’t underestimate the facility of conducting a webinar. At an offline event, being a speaker means you get a whole audience that specializes in you. this suggests you’ll share value and pitch your products or services on to that audience. A webinar works within the same way and may be used as a neighborhood of your business’s ‘freemium’ model, where the audience gets access to valuable information free of charge before they chose to proceed with a sale.

Here, I have shown you all best strategies for beginners. If you follow all of this you will easily make money in 6 months. No one stops you from Zero to Hero.

Affiliate Marketing is an excellent opportunity if you truly believe in the value of the product you’re selling. Because many times, you can make money off of sometimes you would probably recommend anyway. ~ Neil Patel

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Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

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